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Karma's Wrestling Retro Tributes presents:
[Roddy Piper]

Well,how do you start a tribute to an Icon?Wrestling names come and go,but Roddy's has perservered for over a decade.Still in the ring,despite injuries that would down a lesser man,the Hot Rod remains a force to be reckoned with.He really should write his own book...(and I guess that he has finally done just that)
Roderick George Toombs(a self-described "lone wolf",hence the background) was born in Saskatoon,Canada (not Scotland..that was a WWF tale)on April 17th,1954 to Scottish/Irish parents.He did live in Glasgow as a child,and really did learn to play the bagpipes!Actually he lived all over the world,traveling to 13 places by the time he was 13!His family settled in Toronto's Don Mills area,and Roddy was expelled from Don Mills junior high school for carrying a switch blade.His father was a Canadian policeman,who,claims Roddy,"never told a lie in his life"(no!)...while Roddy got kicked out of his middle class home for his hi-jinks.He literally lived on the streets,hitchhiking around Canada and staying in youth hostels.He began working out at Lansdowne Gym,and also won a Golden Gloves amatuer boxing award.He broke his hand in a street fight,thus ending his boxing career,and turned to wrestling.He hoped to go to the Olympics with it,but when he took his first pro fight at age 16,(thus ending any hope of an Olympic career!)it was against Larry 'the Axe"Hennig(yep,Curt's dad).He worked 7 days a week,putting up billboards,learning the ropes while living in a Chevy Vega with his pit bull!His big break came when he moved to the Pacific Northwest,where he became a top draw.He went onto Georgia,joining the NWA,where his feuds with Ric Flair and Greg Valentine are legendary........he held the US title,the Mid-Atlantic TV title as well as the US Heavyweight title and held the Tag Team title 8 times.....
During the now infamous dog-collar match with Greg the Hammer Valentine,Roddy lost 75% of the hearing in his left ear,(which remains today)and it also threw off his equilibrium,and he was told his wrestling career was over.

He left to join the WWF in'84 as Paul "MrWonderful"Orndorfs manager,but soon returned to the ring.He then began feuding with Hogan,which earned them both a place in wrestling history with the first WrestleMania.His now infamous Pipers Pit interview segments are unparalled today,and he went onto win the US Intercontinental title in '92 from the Mountie.He retired after losing that title to his pal Bret Hart at WM8,and went onto establish his film career,making 22 films to date.He re-appeared in the WWF in '95 as President,and feuded with Goldust.(and won,of course!:)He underwent a total hip replacement in Dec. '95 and has suffered numerous injuries,as well as being stabbed by irate fans and shot at once!At WCW's Halloween Havoc '96,he appeared to once again feud with Hogan,and engaged in several feuds there with Flair,the nWo and numerous other foes.His finishing move is the sleeper hold.
He did a stint as commissioner of the XWF fed,and also completed his autobiography,which can be found at his Official site.
He stands 6'2"s tall,235 lbs.,resides in Oregon with his wife Kitty and 4 children,dogs,chickens and horses.(and GOATS)
In spring of 2005,he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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