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Glen Thomas Jacobs (born April 26, 1967) is an American professional wrestler. He is better known by his ring name, Kane. Jacobs is currently employed by the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Jacobs attended Quincy College, where he played basketball, before joining Northeast Missouri State University on a basketball scholarship. In the 1988-1989 season he was an NCAA all-star and the single-season and career field goal percentage leader for the basketball team. However, despite his success, Jacobs opted to switch to playing on the college football team. He eventually graduated with a degree in English.

Early career
Jacobs has portrayed several characters throughout his career since his professional wrestling debut in 1992. He was first known as Angus King when he debuted in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Jacobs later moved south and began wrestling as Unabomb, appearing in the United States Wrestling Association, Smoky Mountain Wrestling (where held the SMW Tag Team Championship with Al Snow) and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). He also competed in the Japanese shoot style promotion Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi.

World Wrestling Federation
Jacobs is believed to have debuted in the World Wrestling Federation as the masked Black Knight at the 1993 Survivor Series, though the Black Knight has also been said to have been Jeff Gaylord. He later appeared as the evil dentist of Jerry Lawler, Isaac Yankem, DDS, in 1995 after Bret Hart damaged Lawler's teeth by forcing his foot into his mouth, and as Diesel in 1996, replacing the original wrestler to have portrayed the Diesel character, Kevin Nash.

In October 1997, Jacobs was repackaged as Kane, the storyline brother of The Undertaker. He re-debuted in the WWF at Bad Blood 1997 on October 5, 1997, costing The Undertaker his Hell in a Cell match with then WWF European Champion Shawn Michaels. Kane and The Undertaker feuded with one another over the following year, during which time their history vis--vis one another was expounded upon.
Jacobs first wrestled as the Kane character in a squash match against Ahmed Johnson on the November 3, 1997 episode of RAW. The Undertaker initially refused to fight him, saying he would not fight his own "flesh and blood" for show. This led to Kane interfering in The Undertaker's WWF Championship title match with Shawn Michaels at the 1998 Royal Rumble, costing him the title once again. After the match, Kane locked The Undertaker in a casket and set it on fire. This provoked The Undertaker into returning to defeat Kane at WrestleMania XIV on March 29, 1998. They continued to feud until Unforgiven 1998 on April 26, 1998, when The Undertaker defeated Kane in an inferno match with help from Vader.
Kane, when he was masked.On May 18, 1998, Kane was revealed to be the result of a furtive union between The Undertaker's mother and Paul Bearer, an employee at the funeral home in Death Valley owned by The Undertaker's parents. When Kane and The Undertaker were children, The Undertaker "accidentally" burned down the funeral home, killing their parents and hideously scarring Kane both physically and mentally (the parents of The Undertaker are supposedly buried somewhere on Long Island; during an episode of RAW taped on Long Island, Kane and Bearer ostensibly exhumed their bodies and brought them to the arena). Bearer, who survived the fire, hid Kane in a mental asylum as he grew up and went on to form an alliance with The Undertaker (the details of "Kane's" early life were recounted in the book Journey into Darkness). After suffering mistreatment at the hands of The Undertaker, Bearer opted to bring Kane in to the WWF in order to gain vengeance upon The Undertaker.
The Kane character is portrayed as being psychologically unstable: depressed, schizophrenic, extremely violent and quick to anger. Like his half-brother, Kane is supposedly able to summon fire and bolts of lightning at will (although this particular talent has been alternately emphasised or de-emphasised depending upon the creative direction of the WWF at the time).
After defeating The Undertaker to win a WWF Championship title shot, Kane won the WWF Championship at the 1998 King of the Ring pay-per-view on June 28, 1998, defeating "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in a First Blood match. He went on to form a tag team with Mankind, with whom he won the WWF World Tag Team Championship. After losing the titles and turning on Mankind, Kane formed a short lived tag team with his brother. The brothers fought one another for the vacant WWF Championship at Judgment Day 1998, with the match ending in a no-contest. Kane went on to take part in the "Deadly Games" tournament for the WWF Championship at the 1998 Survivor Series but was eliminated by The Undertaker in the quarter-finals.

In 1999, Kane joined The Corporation. He eventually turned face after he was betrayed by Corporation member Chyna and thrown out of the stable. His face run ended when he allied with The Undertaker, turning him heel once again. After he and The Undertaker split, he turned face once again and formed a tag team with X-Pac. While teaming with X-Pac, Kane evolved from being mute to aided speech through an electrolarynx to speaking (albeit infrequently) unaided (with his first words being "suck it") and acquired a girlfriend, Tori. The tag team broke apart when X-Pac rejoined D-Generation X. In the course of their feud, Tori betrayed Kane and joined D-Generation X, and the former partners engaged in a lengthy feud that finally ended at WrestleMania 2000, where Kane triumphed over his former partner.
Shortly after WrestleMania, Kane suffered a hand injury that kept him out of action for a month. When he returned, it was to help The Undertaker and The Rock fight off the McMahon-Helmsley Faction. His involvement in this feud culminated in a main event match at King of the Ring 2000 against Vince and Shane McMahon, and then Champion Triple H. The Undertaker and Kane's rivalry resurfaced during the match, but they patched things up soon after. Kane later turned heel once again by assaulting The Undertaker, leading to a match between the two at SummerSlam 2000. The match ended when The Undertaker removed Kane's mask, causing him to flee the ring.
Kane stayed in contention for the WWF Championship for the remainder of the year, and ended 2000 in a feud with Chris Jericho ultimately losing to him in a last man standing match.

Kane reformed his alliance with The Undertaker immediately before the 2001 Royal Rumble (in which he eliminated a record number of wrestlers, 11, and was the runner-up). In early 2001, Kane competed for the WWF Hardcore Championship, defeating Raven for the title at WrestleMania X-Seven in a match that also featured The Big Show. At the same time, Kane began teaming with The Undertaker as the "Brothers of Destruction". In the course of the year, they feuded with Edge and Christian, Rikishi and Haku and The Two-Man Power Trip. While feuding with The Two-Man Power Trip, Kane defeated Triple H at Judgment Day 2001 to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship. He later lost the title to Albert on an episode of SmackDown! following interference from Diamond Dallas Page.
During The Invasion, Kane and The Undertaker feuded with Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Kanyon after Page began stalking The Undertaker's wife Sara. The feud culminated at SummerSlam 2001, when Kane and The Undertaker defeated Page and Kanyon in a steel cage match, resulting in them holding both the WWF World Tag Team Championship and the WCW World Tag Team Championship. Kane and The Undertaker went on to defeat KroniK at Unforgiven 2001, and both participated in the ten man survivor series match at the 2001 Survivor Series as members of "Team WWF".
In 2002, Kane began feuding with Kurt Angle, whom he lost to at WrestleMania X8. On March 25, 2002, the WWF was divided into two "brands", RAW and SmackDown!, with both Kane and The Undertaker being drafted to RAW. Kane went on to feud with the New World Order until tearing his biceps. Kane returned to WWE television in the summer of 2002, winning the World Tag Team Championship with The Hurricane. On October 7, 2002, Kane successfully single-handedly defended the World Tag Team Championship in a four team Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match (The Hurricane had been attacked earlier that evening and was thus unable to compete).
In October 2002, Kane began feuding with Triple H, leading to a match at No Mercy 2002 on October 20, 2002 in which both Kane's WWE Intercontinental Championship and Triple H's World Heavyweight Championship were at stake. In the weeks preceding the match, Triple H claimed that, several years earlier, Kane had had an unrequited relationship with a woman named Katie Vick. He went on to claim that, after Vick was killed in a car crash, Kane (the driver) raped her corpse. Triple H later threatened to show video footage of Kane committing the act in question; however, the footage that finally aired showed Triple H (dressed as Kane) simulating necrophilia with a mannequin in a casket. The storyline was very unpopular with fans, and was de-emphasised before the title match. Triple H went on to defeat Kane at No Mercy, unifying the two titles.

Kane formed a tag team with Rob Van Dam, with the duo eventually winning the World Tag Team Championship. In June 2003, Triple H offered Kane a spot in his stable "Evolution". RAW Co-General Manager "Stone Cold" Steve Austin offered Kane the opportunity to face Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship if he rejected Triple H's offer; however, Co-General Manager Eric Bischoff insisted that Kane unmask should he lose the match. Kane accepted Austin's offer and went to challenge Triple H the following week in Madison Square Garden. Triple H won the match following interference from his stablemates, and Kane removed his mask (and, in the process, his hair), revealing that his face was not actually scarred. He then immediately turned heel by chokeslamming Van Dam, who he went on to defeat at SummerSlam 2003. In an interview with Jim Ross, it became apparent that Kane's facial scars were actually mental scars (this explanation ignored instances in which other wrestlers had recoiled upon seeing Kane's unmasked face). At the end of this interview, Kane, believing that he was being mocked, attacked Ross and set him afire.
Unmasking rendered Kane emotionally unstable, on one occasion driving him to Tombstone Linda McMahon on the RAW stage. This action sparked a feud between Kane and Linda's son Shane, with Kane defeating Shane in a Last Man Standing match at Unforgiven 2003 and an ambulance match at the 2003 Survivor Series. During the latter event, Kane interfered in a Buried Alive match between Vince McMahon and The Undertaker, helping McMahon bury The Undertaker and win the match. He had previously helped Stone Cold Steve Austin bury Undertaker in a match at Rock Bottom: In Your House in 1998.
In January 2004, Kane took part in the 2004 Royal Rumble match. He was eliminated after a video promoting The Undertaker's return aired, distracting and distressing Kane and enabling Booker T to eliminate him from the ring. Over the following weeks, Kane repeatedly insisted that The Undertaker was "dead", only to be met with various paranormal incidents such as a rainstorm localized over the ramp on which he stood. The Undertaker finally returned at WrestleMania XX (with Paul Bearer at his side), defeating Kane.
Following his defeat at WrestleMania XX, Kane fell in love with Lita, but was spurned. This led to him kidnapping Lita in May 2004 and asking her an unknown question, which she replied to in the affirmative later that month. On the same night, Kane won a twenty man battle royal to receive a World Heavyweight Championship title shot against Chris Benoit at Bad Blood 2004, where he was defeated.
Lita later announced that she was "pregnant", with Matt Hardy (her then-boyfriend in both kayfabe and reality) assuming that he was the child's father. On the June 21, 2004 episode of RAW, Kane claimed that he was the father. The following week, Kane explained that he had impregnated Lita in order to continue his legacy, and justified a vicious attack on Shawn Michaels several weeks earlier by claiming that Michaels had stood in the way of him winning the World Heavyweight Championship. In order to appease Kane, General Manager Eric Bischoff gave Kane a rematch with Benoit, instructing Benoit that he could only win by submission, whereas Kane could win the title by any means. Despite dominating much of the match, Kane again lost to Benoit. Following the match, Lita came to the ring and low-blowed Kane, who initially went to chokeslam her in revenge but stopped when he realized that she was trying to force him to cause her to miscarry their "child". Kane and Matt Hardy faced one another in a "'Till Death Do Us Part" match at SummerSlam, with Lita obliged to wed the victor. Kane defeated Hardy, and "married" Lita on the August 23, 2004 episode of RAW.
On the September 13, 2004 episode of RAW, Kane accidentally fell on Lita during a match with the debuting Gene Snitsky, ostensibly causing Lita to miscarry. Kane turned face as a result, and began seeking revenge against Snitsky for causing the death of his child. He lost to Snitsky in a steel chain match at Taboo Tuesday 2004, and was sidelined for several months after Snitsky crushed his larynx with a chair following the match. This attack was a repeat performance of when Kane "injured" Michaels in the same exact manner. The "injury" gave Kane time to film his starring role in the film, See No Evil.

Kane in 2006.Kane returned in January 2005, defeating Snitsky at New Year's Revolution 2005. He went on to compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 21, which was won by Edge. After WrestleMania, Kane and Lita (still "married") reconciled with one another and began antagonizing Lita's rival Trish Stratus, leading to a match between Kane and Stratus's hired bodyguard Viscera at Backlash 2005 that was won by Kane. Lita later turned on Kane and sided with Edge, leading to a feud between the two that ended when Edge defeated Kane in a stretcher match on the July 25, 2005 episode of RAW.
Kane returned to WWE television on October 17, 2005, winning an eighteen-man battle royal. As a result of his victory, he, along with The Big Show and Shawn Michaels, was featured in an internet poll to decide who would receive a shot at the WWE Championship at Taboo Tuesday 2005. In the weeks before Taboo Tuesday, Kane and Big Show teamed together on several occasions. The poll was won by Michaels, and Kane and Big Show teamed together to face Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, defeating them for the World Tag Team Championship. The duo successfully retained their titles throughout the remainder of 2005, during which time they engaged in an inter-promotional feud with members of the SmackDown! brand.
In early 2006, Kane made several attempts to win the WWE Championship. He took part in an Elimination Chamber match for the title at New Year's Revolution 2006 on January 8, 2006, entering the chamber last, but did not win. Kane also took part in the 2006 Royal Rumble and the 2006 Road to WrestleMania Tournament, but did not win either event. He and Big Show feuded with Carlito and Chris Masters throughout early 2006, culminating in a successful title defence at WrestleMania 22 on April 2, 2006.
On the following evening, Kane and Big Show lost the World Tag Team Championship to Spirit Squad members Kenny and Mikey. One week later, Kane and Big Show faced Spirit Squad members Johnny and Nicky in a title rematch, but were disqualified after Kane "snapped" (ostensibly due to "voices in his head"). In subsequent weeks, Kane began attacking anyone who mentioned the date "May 19". During the match between Kane and Big Show at Backlash, Kane's voice began echoing throughout the arena saying "May 19", "They're all going to know", and "You can't hide from it," leaving Kane visibly shaken. Big Show then struck Kane with a chair, resulting in a no contest.
On May 19, 2006 Kane appeared on SmackDown! as JBL's hand-picked opponent for Rey Mysterio. After both the aforementioned voices and mask video began playing, Kane chokeslammed both Layfield and Mysterio before leaving the ring. On the following episode of RAW, he claimed that "May 19" was the date on which his mother and adopted family were killed in a fire. The voices continued on to the May 29, 2006 episode of RAW, when Kane was confronted by the source of the voice, a wrestler wearing his old mask and ring attire, who chokeslammed Kane during his match against Shelton Benjamin for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Kane and the look-alike continued to fight one another in subsequent weeks, leading to a match between the two being scheduled for Vengeance 2006, in which the real Kane lost to the Impostor. On the June 26 episode of RAW, Kane threw the impostor out of the arena and removed his mask, saying "I believe this belongs to me."
Kane was absent from WWE television for several weeks thereafter as he toured Europe to promote See No Evil. He returned to RAW on August 7, and defeated Shelton Benjamin in a number one contenders match for the Intercontinental Championship. He failed to defeat Nitro for the title after he was attacked by Umaga, which started a rivalry about who was the real "monster" on RAW. At Unforgiven 2006, Kane and Umaga fought each other to a double count out. The feud concluded on the October 9, 2006, episode of RAW when Kane lost a "Loser Leaves RAW" match to Umaga

Kane performing his signature entrance routine at SummerSlam 2007.On the SmackDown! before the Royal Rumble, Kane was involved in a six-man elimination over-the-top-rope battle royal. This also included King Booker, MVP, The Miz, Chris Benoit, and Finlay. This match would go to a no-contest as The Undertaker interrupted after Kane had been eliminated and punished the remaining opponents. At the Royal Rumble, Kane eliminated King Booker. Booker then came back in the ring and eliminated Kane, even though he had already been eliminated. A couple weeks later on SmackDown!, while receiving the key to the city in his hometown of Houston, Booker was attacked by Kane starting a feud between the two. At No Way Out, Kane successfully defeated King Booker. On February 23, Kane lost to King Booker in a Falls-Count Anywhere Money in the Bank Qualifying match after interference from The Great Khali, sparking a feud between the two.
On February 26, Kane interrupted Chris Masters' Master Lock Challenge to The Great Khali when Masters was unable to apply the Master Lock. Kane delivered a chokeslam and a chair shot to Masters then clotheslined The Great Khali over the top rope. Prior to WrestleMania 23, Kane started to walk around with a hook, similar to the hook he used as Jacob Goodnight in See No Evil. At the event, Kane was defeated by Khali. He never walked around with the hook again after this. After WrestleMania, he began to feud with William Regal and Dave Taylor. The Boogeyman then joined the feud, teaming up with Kane. On the May 4 edition of SmackDown!, Kane competed in a number 1 contenders match for the United States Championship against MVP which he lost due to interference by Regal and Taylor. On the May 25 edition of SmackDown!, Kane competed in a Fatal Four Way Number 1 Contenders Match for the World Heavyweight Championship which was won by Batista. Kane then entered a short feud with Mark Henry. Kane was defeated by Henry in a Lumberjack match at One Night Stand due to interference from lumberjacks Kenny Dykstra and Chavo Guerrero and would take a short hiatus there after.
On the July 6 edition of SmackDown!, general manager Theodore Long announced that Kane would face Edge for his World Heavyweight Championship at the The Great American Bash. On the July 13 edition of SmackDown!, Edge sustained a legit pectoral muscle tear, and vacated the title prior to his match with Kane. It was then announced that there would be a 20-man, over-the-top rope, battle royal for the World Heavyweight Championship which was won by The Great Khali. Because Batista was supposed to face The Great Khali at the Bash and Kane was supposed to challenge for the title, Theodore Long announced there would be a #1 contenders match between Kane and Batista. During the match, The Great Khali interfered by attacking Batista; the match was ruled a no contest and both men were ruled the #1 contender. The scheduled match for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Great American Bash became a triple threat match between Batista, Kane, and The Great Khali. In the beginning of the match, Kane and Batista teamed up to send Khali though an announcer's table. Kane chokeslamed Khali, but ended up losing the match when Khali retained. Kane later teamed up with Batista on the August 18 (taped August 13) edition of WWE Saturday Night's Main Event against Khali and Finlay. The match ended following a Batista Bomb on Finlay.
Kane entered a program with Finlay, which led to a match at SummerSlam, which Kane won after chokeslamming Finlay. On the following episode of SmackDown!, Finlay and Kane competed against each other in a tournament to crown the challenger for Khali's World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven. After interference from Hornswoggle, Finlay managed to defeat Kane and advance in the tournament. Finlay and Kane met again during the following week's edition of SmackDown! in a rematch of the previous month's Saturday Night's Main Event. Once again teaming with Batista, Kane defeated Finlay and The Great Khali when Kane pinned Finlay with a chokeslam. Kane then lost to Finlay in a "Belfast Brawl" on the September 14 edition of SmackDown!, following a chair shot and Celtic Cross from Finlay.
He then made an appearance on the [October 16 edition of ECW as the hand chosen partner of ECW Champion CM Punk, helping him defeat John Morrison, The Miz and Big Daddy V. V attacked Kane on the October 19 Smackdown, igniting a feud between the two. The two continued to battle in following weeks.
He was voted to face the United States Champion MVP at Cyber Sunday, which he won by countout. As a result, he did not win the title. After this he continued to feud with V, with the two ending up on opposite teams at Survivor Series, with V elimintaing Kane. Big Daddy V would eventually team with Mark Henry, while Kane began to team with CM Punk. At Armageddon, Kane and Punk were defeated by Big Daddy V and Henry. Kane then competed in the yearly Royal Rumble match. He lasted until the final four until he was eliminated by Batista and Triple H.
In 2008, Kane feuded with Chavo Guerrero over the ECW Championship.Kane competed in an over the top rope Battle Royal before WrestleMania XXIV where the winner would face ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero later in the night. He won after eliminating former rival Mark Henry. Later in the night, Kane defeated Chavo in a WrestleMania record-setting eight seconds to win the ECW Championship.Shortly after winning the championship, Kane left SmackDown! and officially joined the ECW roster. At Backlash, Kane successfully defended the ECW Championship against Chavo Guerrero. He then continued teaming with CM Punk to earn a WWE Tag Team Championship Match at Judgment Day, which he did not win.
On June 23, 2008, Kane was drafted from the ECW brand to the Raw brand, as a part of the 2008 WWE Draft, in the process making the ECW Championship Raw exclusive Kane dropped the ECW Championship to Mark Henry at Night of Champions in a Triple Threat match that also involved The Big Show, thus moving the title back to ECW. On the July 7 episode of Raw, Kane, after losing a World Heavyweight Championship number one contender's match, attacked commentators Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler as well as several other ringside employees, repeating "Is he alive or is he dead?" as he did so. This attack turned Kane heel in the process. During this time, he began carrying a small burlap sack with him. A few weeks later, on August 4th, Kane announced that he's "in a better place" and the unknown "he" was dead, turning Kane face again.


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